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SOLD! Rigol DS-1052E Oscilloscope for sale, almost new!


Essentially brand new.  I have not even filled out the warranty card.  I still have the receipt showing the $378.00 I paid for it a few months ago.  I bought this for some DIY stuff I was doing then ended up not using/needing it.  Still in factory packing, all accessories, etc.. still there.  Just fill out the warranty card and off you go.  10 out of 10. Sold.

Blue Mountains/Sydney area..  Will ship but price does not include shipping, I'll gladly meet up with you somewhere.
0422 018 310

Wow.  Great pricing.  Be interested to see how quickly it sells.  Good luck.

Actually just sold about an hour ago...   ;D

Most excellent, hope you are both happy.  Its has many things going for it besides being a Rigol.  Picking it up is probably one of the best, assuming you trust each other, or you both can walk away.


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