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Rigol DS1052E 50MHz Oscilloscope $315 shipped (+tax in OH)


I just posted this on slickdeals and figured it was time for me to stop stalking the forums and finally make a username.

" has the Rigol DS1052E [] 50MHz Oscilloscope for $315 shipped (+tax in OH).

This is the lowest price I've seen on this scope and it's direct from the manufacturer's US side for quicker shipping and warranty support. To get the extra $30 discount hit the "Earn an Extra Discount!" button that appears above the total after you add the scope to your cart. You'll be asked to answer 6 multiple choice questions which are all very easy and easily researched from the provided links.

If you don't know much about scopes this has quickly become the most popular model for hobbies due to it's great value for money and hackability.

Dave Jones on the EEVblog detailed a firmware hack that transforms this into a 100MHz DS1102E [] scope. The thread detailing the process is here []."


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