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Rigol DS1052E shipping to Canada (Toronto)

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Hi all,

Just a quick question regarding Rigol's website and shipping to Canada (Toronto). I am wondering if anyone can chime in for the best way to go about buying this scope. I have heard a lot about buying from China thru DealExcel/DealExtreme but I am hesitant in doing so. There is a pretty legit seller in New Jersey that is offering "Free Shipping" to Canada, but I don't know what to expect for customs.

The ebay seller (Aidetek) is selling for $399 USD and it comes with two probes, which is nice.

On the other hand, the Rigol site is selling for $329 USD - $30 USD (promotional quiz) = $299 USD but it looks like there is only one probe. Won't give me the option to buy another probe and it says a flat shipping rate of $15 with GoogleCheckout. The toll-free line doesn't work...



Ordered through Aidetek (eBay) for $399 CAD and received scope in 4 days via DHL (free shipping w/ $21.50 brokerage/customs fee) from Hong Kong to Toronto.

You could try Saelig and ask what the shipping to Canada would be. They have the DS1102E for $399. My understanding is that customs is always going to sting you on import to Canada unless you can find a Canadian distributor. Or find a friend in the US to take delivery, then drive over the border to collect it.

Thanks for the reply Ian! Pretty sweet deal, and not too far away. I'm wondering if anyone can ballpark what customs might throw at me.

You should be able to look up the expected import duty from a government web site, and you can calculate the HST directly. Then expect to pay a bunch on top of that in customs brokerage fees collected by UPS or whoever does the import. From everything I've read, it ain't pretty.



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