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SALE (AU/NZ): Multicomp Pro MP710086 (Owon P4305 rebadge) at element14

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For Australians and probably New Zealanders, thought I would point out a particular bargain at the sale at au.element14 if you are looking for a linear power supply.
Multicomp Pro MP710086 1 Output, 30 V, 5 A

This is a pretty much a rebadge of the Owon P4305 from what I gather except that the MP710086 also has a USB port.

It is currently AU$146.08 plus gst, though if you use their 15% off code it is AU$124.17 plus gst, $136.587 inc gst.
  EDIT: looks like the 15% off code might not apply for this item. From the rules "Any further discount (special pricing, quote discounts, discount vouchers, etc.) is not applicable on this promotion (products ending in ‘02').". Seemed to work with my order (I ordered a bunch of things and got the 15% off on everything) but there is still time for them to tell me there was a mistake and cancel it. It is still a good price without the extra 15% off.

Not saying it is the best power supply but it is a bargain at that price considering the Owon P4305 goes for prices such as AU$435.60 (inc GST), €140.00, and the MP710086 for over $300 plus gst.

This is only for items in stock in Australia with item code 322741902. Once the Australian ones are gone the deal is over so get in quick.

There are other bargains in their fire sale here

Eg if you want something a bit higher end, there are gw instek power supplies with a decent discount too. I mainly paid attention to power supplies so worth a look for other things.

discount code from here:


Check out reviews of the Owon P4305 and the Multicomp Pro MP710086 if you want to research it.

Just ordered one so hope it is ok.

i grabbed a pair of the 30V 5A , upgrade from a simple analogue psu, they do have the USB, thought it was some mistake why there was 3 different prices .... didn't see the discount code... aus express post as well.  the OCP OVP has the issues on power on spike. for the price you cann't go wrong.


--- Quote from: JimboJack on March 27, 2024, 10:27:02 pm ---... thought it was some mistake why there was 3 different prices ...

--- End quote ---

I finally figured that out. Originally thought it might be different versions of a product but it is not. Every time they make a discount on an item, they append a 2 digit number to its item code as a new item code and keep the old item around. So for example they will have item code 3227419, then another item with a discount 322741901, then if they do another discount it will be 322741902. Probably some discount codes only show up in the applicable location eg au.element14, uk.farnell, etc.

A number of times I have put items in my cart then found the same thing for less and swapped it in the cart. If your time is free it pays to look thoroughly for higher priced stuff or when buying large quantities of an item.

Nice spot with the sale. Note that some home-brand element14 things often do not have Australian regulatory compliance mark (and ship with a UK or EU plug IEC cable). This isn't a reflection on the equipment, just that some places can't use mains-powered gear that doesn't have the mark.

These ship , with AU, EU and UK plug with a sticker covering the mains input 200-250V only


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