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SALE (AU/NZ): Multicomp Pro MP710086 (Owon P4305 rebadge) at element14

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I might have tried that, paid full price, taken all screenshots etc. I could then take it to ACCC/Small claims and perhaps even win after all. I am pretty sure their T&C/Legal has taken care of that scenario already so chances are it could be a waste of time. It is not worth it. They've damaged their reputation and showed how sneaky they are. More than a few people noticed/affected. The word will spread out.

Next time there is a fire sale - just get the units you want in separate individual orders and double check the prices. They will keep one big order on stand by because one item may be out of stock. Ideally - avoid e14 at all.

Yeah this is fairly common with newark/e14. Their system doesn't seem to reserve stock so while your order is on hold, someone else can come in and buy the stock from under you.

Its not really "sneaky" just poorly designed. Been this way for a while.

I dislike E14, more often that not they have gotten my orders wrong or taken longer than promised. To be fair, got my first sale order for a very good price, overnight. But I was also able to order isopropyl alcohol that I am not receiving though the system showed it was in AU stock. 80% off is about the right incentive to use them again 8)

edit: Expectations were lived up to - a neighbour just knocked on the door. Element14 package with a big green sticker "SIGNATURE REQUIRED NOT TO BE LEFT etc" was left at the wrong house today when nobody was home. At least my address was on it.

I am seeing some of the sale items resold on ebay now. Not surprised, but hey that's not fair! I think the only way you can make this sale fair is to restrict warranty transfer/number of units allocated to a single account. But I don't think they will bother. I finally got the email from them, quoting a price change for the line I did not even order. Pathetic.


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