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Quote from: WattsThat on March 30, 2023, 09:03:30 pm
Has anyone else experienced the quality issues I had? Still debating if I should reorder one and take a second chance.

Wow - that's unfortunate.

My SDS1104x-u has been pretty much 100%. All four probes tested out well, and I got the compensation adjusted without any issues. The screen is clear and clean.

The only problems I've had are software-related it seems - I have managed to lock up the scope a couple of times getting a bit greedy with scope bandwidth. I have also had trouble getting I2C decoding to work consistently, there is some voodoo involved that I have not fully decoded. Apart from those relatively small issues, I am very happy with this scope - It's a nice addition to my 100MHz Leader 2-channel analog beast.

Best of luck!


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