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Scobbydooo ArcticPhoenix0 and tinkywinky are sub-human scammers

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These people never quit do they?  I posted here looking for a meter for a Keithley 411C.

I get this reply from scobbydoo

 - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - -

“Hi, I recently got one from an old member here (ArcticPhoenix0) i'm sure he might still have one for sale his email address is


 - - - -  --  - --  - - - -

I got a revised message saying he made a mistake and the correct email address is

Already smelling a rat, I emailed a request to tinkywinky (I cringe to think of what kind of person thinks that is a cool email handle) and got the following reply:

- - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - -
On Tue, 20 Sep 2022 at 18:55, Tinky-Winky <> wrote:
Thank you for your mail.
Yes I can provide the meter
I will like to sell for $700 that will include the shipment
Where are you located?
If you are in the US I can use Zelle or Cashapp
 - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - -

So of course I replied immediately that yes I really want the meter, was looking for one for a long time, and so on - I decided to see how much time this idiot would waste chasing this alleged sale.

I ignored his next few emails, then told him I was in the middle of setting up a Zelle account, and asked for a photo of the meter front and back.  A few emails went by with tinky asking if I was still interested.  I told him I was ready to pay immediately on receipt of the photos of meter front and back and offered him an extra $25 if he could get photos to me within a day.

I got a photo the next morning of a nice pretty 411C sitting on a table in a corner photo backdrop.  Poor thing had a bent rack bracket in the lower front corner - JUST LIKE THE ONE I BOUGHT A FEW WEEKS PRIOR  :)  The schmuck grabbed a photo of the first 411C he could find and just happened to grab one from the eBay listing that I purchased mine from.  The idiot sent me a pic of my own meter.

You have been warned :)

Then again it might be fun to deluge this moron with requests for all sorts of oddball parts and see how much time he wastes scraping photos from google :)

I am SO glad that I posted that WTB here :)


I got the exact same PM (identical) on sept 20th.    I'd also posted a Wanted ad here.

I have no idea if ArcticPhoenix0  is involved or just getting sucked in.     

When did you get the PM Art?    I ask as I reported the one I received to the mods right away (Sept 20th).  I wasn't optimistic they would act as the previous time I reported similar one of the mods actually replied and argued with me saying it seemed like a legit PM :-)

I was a mod for a while on a much larger forum than this and this is classic scammer tactics.   We used to ban multiple people a day from the site for the same.

Some people get taken in.  Amazing but true,  especially on sites where there is a large basis of trust.

P.S  Hi Art! 

Presto.. I posted WTB Fluke, Kiethly and Scobbydooo sent this;

Hi, I recently got one from an old member here (ArcticPhoenix0) i'm sure he might still have one for sale his email address is

The only reply I have from

Yes, it's still available.
And it’s sold working

Will send you some details soon
I’m driving home.

no more follow up since ????

must be a drive cross states, East to West or whatever :-DD

I can't find this user in the member list,

ArcticPhoenix0 has nothing to do with this, inactive member whose account was not involved other than scammer mentioning it in the message. Also as Simon mentioned there is no Scobbydooo or scobbydoo account (title differs from the post).


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