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SDS7102: Good eBay Deal?


Stephen Hill:
I found someone selling the OWON SDS7102 on eBay for 310GBP delivered (UK Seller):

Is this a good deal or am I missing something?

Yes it is, but I'd search for a couple long running threads on that make / model, still recent updates.
There's even a Euro distributor that posts here with a LOT of good information. I've been tracking that
brand too, for a while.

This chinese eBay seller is "fun" or maybe need say: group of chinese sellers and chinese co-workers (friends) around of world.

Who example receive units in UK and then arrange these to EU area buyers?

I know there is some "really black" service who arrange items from china to example UK and then they "looks like" sold from inside EU.

Time ago I buy stepper motor 5 axes driver unit (seller explain item location UK. Ship from UK but real shipped from China via UK to France.
(How they jump over customs office, I do not know)

I tried to ask the seller a question about oscilloscope version.


"Unfortunately, this seller is unable to respond to your question. We suggest reviewing the item again to see if your answer is in the seller's listing."

There is not LAN in images and not in description. (suspected very old version)

LAN is factory default.

If they have not really specially ask factory delete LAN  these must be really old stock and also really old versions.

Seller write she offer 3 year warranty "we offer 3 year...". .
You think this chinese eBay seller really offer 3 ear warranty. If so where is his warranty rules/statements.

You can return it inside 30 days. Seller did not promise anything about how much she will refund.
To who she then sell these returned units. Also "new"?

Seller story about USB is (depends how you read and understand it): Uou can use it as USB oscilloscope.
No, it can not! It can only pick up data from scope but not change any settings in scope.

Member since: 18-Sep-09
Location: China

Pictures (and description) are from angelic-2010 (other chinese seller)

Owon have really sold these units for overseas sales including full end user warranty policy?

How they (this chinese sellers "network") arrange these units over Customs in EU area?
(with honest customs clearance and counting all shipping costs, PayPal fees etc this price is impossible. Or if they get "free" these units.
All normal peoples understand that something is wrong if it looks like free lounge.)


Read carefully this Owon authorization what angelic-2010 have copy to his eBay description.
What hell they are playing. What is relationship between this seller and this authorization.

Business is free but it need be honest. In other case it go slowly to state where is only loose-loose. Goodwill honest business go so that there is  win-win. But these chinese sellers do not care.

Wang, all your comments have merit.
Yes, If you buy online from a NON-accredited dealer, you have to prepared to RISK having NO warranty !
And especially if it's a fake representative of a fake distributor .. or a freind of his. A year ago, I bought a
quite expensive ($750US) programmable load, and had NO expectation that I'd ever have warranty, or if
it even worked correctly. And I DID have to totatally rebuild the power supply section and do some rewiring,
but I'm 90% happy with it now. I even reverse engineered it to make my own super vesion, so it was worth it.
Many of the users on this site, are aware of the dangers and often do tear-downs for that reason.
The OWON example has been running for over a year now, and there's been a LOT of back-down from the
manufacturer in china. There are no illusions that it will ever be perfect, just happy? to try to fix it.
You need to read the thread and make your OWN decision. Some of us like the challenge.


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