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[SOLD] Two Siglent 5.5 digit DMMs for 6.5 digit Siglent or Keithley

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I made the mistake of buying an SDM3065X, and now I want a second one. :palm:

I have an SDM3045X upgraded to SDM3055X-E (5.5 digits), and I have an SDM3055 (5.5 digits).

Both look new and both work great & are in spec / cal. I'm interested in either selling these (separately or together) or trading for an SDM3065X. I would also be interested in a Keithley DMM6500, but probably prefer the Siglent since that's what I'm used to.

Please DM me with any questions or offers.


but you have some good offers here for 34461a  ?

us based ?$800-free-shipping/

I emailed him before I bought the 3065X, and he already sold it. I think I'd prefer to stick with the DMMs I mentioned. I'm very happy with the 3065X so far, and I've heard good things about the DMM6500.

i myself,  would tend to theses models too    :-+

good luck

I put the first one up on ebay:


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