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Sidchrome ABW Industrial RMS Multimeter - aka ExTech EX520


Hey guys,

Got a few of these meters left over from when a group of friends and I bought a bunch. They're Sidchrome Tools / ABW branded part #70940. They look identical to the ExTech EX520 except they are yellow/grey instead of green/orange, so I took mine apart  :P  Low and behold, EX520 printed on the PCB  :D

Basic Specs are:
6000 Count - Backlit LCD
Analogue type bar graph display
Double molded plastic housing
IP67 Rating - dust and water proof, shock proof etc. Built like a brick.
Proper HRC SIBA Fuses

Includes: Meter, vinyl carry case, k-type thermocouple and adapter, test probes with ends that seal on the multimeter end, 2x dust plugs for unused sockets.


• Voltage DC
  - Max Range : 1000v
  - Basic Accuracy : +/-0.09%

• Voltage AC
   - Max Range : 1000v
  - Basic Accuracy : +/-0.8%

• Current DC
  - Max Range : 1000v
   - Basic Accuracy : +/-1.0%

• Current AC
  - Max Range : 1000v
  - Basic Accuracy : +/-1.5%

• Resistance
  - Max Range : 60 M ohm
  - Basic Accuracy : +/-0.3%

• Temperature
  - Max Range : 750°C / 1400°F
  - Basic Accuracy : +/-3.0%

• Duty Cycle
  - Max Range : 99.9%
  - Basic Accuracy : +/-1.2%

• Frequency
  - Max Range : 10Mhz
  - Basic Accuracy : +/-0.1%

Condition: New
Price: $125AUD ea inc express post within Australia. International shouldn't be much more, the box isn't that big.
Bank Transfer or Paypal is fine, or pickup if you're in Perth!

PS: Dave, I might even be willing to send you one for review  :P  Maybe give it away as a prize for some kind of competition? Consider it as my way of donating to the site.

Check out the EXTECH guys smashing one of these around :D (EX530 is same chassis)

Good deal, congratulations!

G'day, do you still have any of these meters? If so where can i get one from?


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