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After spedning time re arranging the lab in the last few weeks, I seem to have amassed a few probes over that few years so as the space is now required for RF accessories.

I would like to offer the following probes for sale all were purchased in the UK from authorised agents, all come with original boxes & paperwork, they have recieved very little use (home lab) and are in excellent conditon. The I-prober has never been connected up its new (I do have another one which I use).

One Micsig DP10013 High Voltage differenical probe with all pieces New £175

PicoTechnology TA189 30A precision current probe (Battery powered) this a really good probe 1ma mew cost £450

Aim TTI I-prober 520 Positional current probe, PCB track Touch and Measure quite unique and surprisingly useful new cost £795

Video presentation on the I-prober :-

Dave did a review on this

Asking 375 ono for the Micsig & Pico tech TA189 current probe.

Asking £550ono for the I-prober

Prices now Micsig DP10013 & TA189 30A   £345

I-prober £495

PM sent on Micsig DP10013

PM replied  :)

Micsig DP10013 now sold thank you  :)


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