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Hello everyone!

I'm a Hobbyist/electronics noob in Portugal looking to buy a soldering station and I would like some input from you "pros".

The first choice I considered was a Hakko FX-888, especially after seeing Dave's review on it. However, I'm in Europe where everything is ridiculously inflated, and I haven't yet found any online stores anywhere in Europe that sell it (let alone local stores in Portugal).

I've been looking into some other options. To name a couple:

- Aoyue 3210
- Blackjack BK 2050+

The budget ceiling I want to stay under is  +-100€. However, I don't want to spend the money and end up with something that is prone to failure.

I'm looking to get input from the community as to opinions on these models, suggestions on other models and good European online retailers from where I can order the station when the time comes.

Thanks in advance!

I am not familiar with Blackjack, but I got 2 cheap ones, a Atten 8586 and a Aoyue int936.
I must say build quality of the Aoyue is better and I am catching myself using Aoyue more than the other stations I got, this is the cheapest model and feels solid, it reminds me the Weller WS-51.

On Ebay these go cheap even from a EU seller, I am not sure if they clone these too. I got mine from a Dutch online store just for 28 Euro’s.

If you really want a cheap station I would recommend the Aoyue 936, no fancy display stuff just plain adjustable station with hard plastic case, metal parts like soldering iron itself are connected to earth, unlike some others. 

Thanks for your reply!

Well, it doesn't have to be absolutely cheap... I still want to be able to work with lead free solder at some point and apparently the so-called lead-free stations are a bit more expensive.

What do you think about the Aoyue 3210?

It has same housing as 936 and 70W so it should be better for heavy soldering, but if you want lead free solder why don’t you check Aoyue 3233? It is +/- 10 euros more expensive than 3210 and made for lead free soldering, you can calibrate the tip temperature and store 2 different temperatures, and if I read the specs correct it should be really fast at temperature.

Most people will advise you to wait and get a good brand Soldering station which is best option, but if you don’t want to wait I think these are good options.

mariush: has recently started to sell the Hakko FX-888 for about 112$, free shipping to Europe.  It looks like it's a genuine Hakko for the Chinese market, with their 220-240v mains plug but you can easily cut the cord and mount your own plug (or get some adapter)

I don't know what to say about the Hakko 936 clone listed above...

Other than that what I can suggest is to have a look at Farnell's soldering stations:

Sort by price after clicking on the "view results"

Tenma is Farnell's own brand, they're rebranded Chinese soldering stations but I forget now exactly who makes them. Same with Duratool..

Oh yeah, here it is...

Tenma are rebranded Atten stations and Duratool stations seem to be  Zhongdi :

1. Atten  :

2. Zhongdi  and

check the reviews for some of these here... but imho at least with Farnell your warranty may be better compared to buying from ebay.


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