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Sports Watch to trade for 'stuff'.


So i have this watch i been trying to sell, but nobody seems to want it so i'm wondering if anybody
will trade me some parts for it.

the watch is a Casio SGW-300
new in box, foil still on display.
(the black version)
its got an altimeter, thermometer and barometer, also: world time, 5x alarm, countdown timer etc.

i am a noob to electronics, and i want to get into robotics, especially BEAM bots,
but also arduino stuff.

in particular i could use
things like nice looking push buttons, switches and such, 1381 timers or substitutes, servos,
pager (or otherwise tiny) motors, and small solar cells. typical tiny robot stuff.
also useful would be just a bag of random surplus components or something.

if necessary i will send first.


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