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What this is:

This is a Tektronix 314 10MHz Analog Storage Oscilloscope. It can accept an external power source from a battery or power supply.


It's functional condition is good. Everything works as expected. Calibration also seems to be acceptable for an analog scope. There is some burn-in on the CRT though. See images for that.

Cosmetic condition is fair. Has some noticeable scratches. Most of it is just paint stuff. Some sticker residue is evident also. The rear cable retainer feet are gone. They had become very brittle and was making a huge mess when I moved it. So I removed those and used some LED spacers and a ground nut as replacements.

I did clean the scope though. Internal, and external. The knobs have all been cleaned individually by hand. The front panel parts too. Internally, I think some previous owner spilled some soda, so I had to clean some soda syrup on the PSU covers. It's all very clean now.

Important Notes:

The mains input 315mA fuse is not correct. Instead, there is a 1amp fuse there. It is recommended that you replace this fuse with the correct 315mA one if you buy this. I do not have any 315mA fuses and couldn't quite bother to buy one. So I replaced it with a 1A fuse. The original fuse blew because I jammed a metal screw driver into the PSU when the thing slipped as I was trying to calibrate the astigmatism.

This unit is available for pick-up- though shipping cost shouldn't be too high as this unit is fairly light and portable.
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