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Tektronix DM5120 parts, --- tossed away


Hi     this come from an franken modded one loll i had a thread here about heavy modifications in it to make it work outside the frame,                          manual, service manual etc ... and 2x eeprom dumps there,

But  failed in the end,  maybe some electrostatic killed the mcu ?

Can do 4 wires on Ohms,    MAX 300 Vac Vdc in voltages (No 1000v scale)

parts left

Front panel plate with the pcb / buttons,  some are getting stuck when you push them,  but nice multi segments digits ... all is good excepts some buttons

The hole multi-meter assembly section
Ie  :  analog section   lm399   etc ...  all is working on this board, it was tested on the one i rebuilt, all the logic is good
need 5, 15, -15 volts  some data clk strobe  for the functions,  and the output of this board  as the SV manual explain, is some sort of contant frequency variable width signal ???

Could be used in a new dmm project ?  all 6 1/2 digit,    but 5 1/2  in ac voltage

The main board is defective in the logic, 2x eeproms removed,  but it has a Keithley 196  xformer on it (still good),  this one give all the needed voltages once filtered,  you have to compare their schematics to understand why i used it in the DM5120.

photos to / may come later ....

ALL tossed Away  thks


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