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Tektronix power supply TDS 400 TDS 420 - PS 1690

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I  sell brand new power supply for Tektronix TDS 400 family: TDS410, TDS420, TDS430, TDS460 oscilloscope.

It's a completely new compatible power supply expressed designed to fit into TDS400 and TDS400A families.

The price is: 130 $ (plus 20 $ for shipping outside Europe) or 115 € (+ 12 € for shipping in Europe)


Payment methods:

 - PayPal
 - Bank transfer

Seems like a couple of PSU modules mounted on a board. Clever but what I don't like is that the modules seems to be held in place by solder joints instead of some screws. It is likely to fall apart!

Hi, what is the value of the tantalum capacitor on the underside power supply pcb (hybrid pin 13-19).

This has to be a joke right?

-Those switching modules are NOT CE compliant at all unless you have tested them in your application. Search for a the test report and carefully inspect how they have been tested. Perhaps they are only CE compliant when a load has been connected trough very short wires. I know from experience that some of those power supplies fail radiated and conducted emission tests (and not a little bit) when they are being build into a complete system.
-How about creepage and clearance on your self etched PCB?
-How about creepage and clearance between the individual power supplies? That doesn't look right to me.
-Oscilloscope power supplies are not only about output ripple. How about high frequency output noise?

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