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Tektronix TDS220 100MHz - 2 channel oscilloscope for sale

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good scope, except the sample storage memory is to small by an order of magnitude for me

Sold almost exactly the same unit about 3 yrs ago. Went for over £500. Very nice piece of kit but surplus to requirements at the time. As they say quality sells so good luck.

It's the bloody Rigol and Owon stealing my revenue! lol

Well, I am happy, you can always count on a quality brand name scope to maintain its value.

The time tested way to spend the least on eBay is bid at the last minute, and with a high opening bid price, you limit your audience.  Leaving an auction on for a long time gets a lot of eyeballs on it, but only novices will bid on it at any time.  Congratulations, it sold for slightly more than your base price.

--- Quote from: Alex on March 01, 2011, 08:48:36 pm ---Got to love and hate ebay, everyone interested in bidding thinks he/she is the only one. lol

35 'watchers', 0 bids, 3d 15h to go.

There is quite some interest in the FFT capability, I have been receiving emails to sell just the FFT module.

By the way, if someone from this board goes for this, PM me on here your paypal email address.

--- End quote ---

I was bitten in the past with a 196B by a low starting price. Because people bid the very last 10 seconds as you say, there just isnt enough time for the price to go up.

Leaving it on for longer makes sense, more chances of people finding it. In terms of watchers you get a spike when you first post it due to those having saved searches for tek scopes. Then there is a very slow steady increase in watchers followed by another spike by those that are looking for a scope fast and those that feel that the final price will be low as it has not received any bids yet.

There were about 50 watchers at the end.


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