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Tektronix TDS220 100MHz - 2 channel oscilloscope for sale

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Sparkling clean and well looked after. Comes with two brand new Tektronix probes and FFT module.

5% discount to established EEVblog forum members (if I like you).

I like it (scope and discount), but don't need it  (the scope) ;D

good luck with the sale!

Thanks, always sad to see a good scope go. Need to keep Dave happy for a rainy day ;-)

I'm curious to see how this pans out.  Your ebay post is superb, all you need to know to know its in fine shape.

Thanks, I am always trying to get good pictures and provide key information. Kind of being in the buyer's shoes.

Ebay is a funny place, you will sometimes get auctions with prices 3x the retail price and other times 1/100th of the retail price if the seller has no clue.
Problem is, you dont have many areas to compete on apart from price. A TDS220 is a TDS220. You can sort the results by ascending price so its very easy to find the cheapest. This one is well looked after but not everyone cares.

I had sold a FLUKE 196B a year ago, I got it from the US very cheaply from a guy that somehow had 10 brand new unopened scopemeters in soft carrying bags.

I then put it on ebay for £400 starting price (costs more than £1500) and it was effectively new. It sold for £700, about what I had paid for in the first place. Here is a tip, when starting an auction dont be tempted to lower the starting price to 'give-away' levels to attract viewers. Buyers wait for the last moment to bid and the auction ends before everyone has a chance to place their highest bids.

And dont get me started on seller fees...


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