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Tektronx 5110 For Sale in SC, USA


eBay auction: #150840928661

This is a really clean Tek 5110 with  2x 5A18N 1x 5B10N plugins and option 7-76 (bright blue phosphor CRT) surplussed from the Medical University of South Carolina,  Charleston.

I started it at 99 cents and no reserve. I have confidence in the free market finding the correct value for such things. As I phrase it, "you get to tell ME what it is worth".

I can ship internationally, but as you can imagine, this would not be particularly cheap to do.

Happy Bidding!  :-)

And thanks for your consideration.

Snap, almost the same as mine, except I have the 5A19 differential plugins. And it has the case, mine was the rack version.

Blue phosphor, really pretty :)


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