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Tyco 1368398-2 mag45 RJ 45 sockets


I need to obtain a small quantity (like 1 to 3) Tyco 1368398-2 magnetic RJ45 sockets I have found them on Farnell but the price is £9-10 plus VAT plus postage at £8-00. Does any one know where I may get them cheaper or know of an equivalent socket.

If you're prototyping a commercial product then most distributors will send out a few freebies - otherwise I think you may be stuck with Farnell on this one.

I use similar magjacks frequently, and different manufacturers' parts are rarely if ever interchangeable. Even if the schematics are the same between manufacturers, the pins are usually in diferent places. Sorry :(

I am replacing damaged ones on some Dell laptops. mind you I could try and convince a supplier that I am prototyping, may work. I did manage to bend a pin back into place on one but I don't know how long that will last.

Joy at MCS:
On Tyco's website they have a link for if you want to request a sample


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