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Unbelievably cheap Fluke 17Bs on eBay?

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--- Quote from: ziq8tsi on May 24, 2011, 06:10:41 pm --- and then sell lots of low value items successfully before you move on to the high value scam.
--- End quote ---

I've seen that before. A variation is a number of more expensive items. The tip-off there is to look closely at the dates and times: item listed at, say, noon. Sold by 12:05 (often to another new user who "coincidentally" also sells a number of items to the first identity, but it's harder to spot that now since eBay is hiding user IDs.) Positive feedback by 12:10. A crook can build a nice looking feedback number for several identities within a few days for nothing more than the cost of a few eBay transaction fees.


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