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Unbelievably cheap Fluke 17Bs on eBay?

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Just check these out:

Yeah, the seller has 0 feedback, but hopefully paypal would sort it out in case of a problem. Just picked up three.

$8 for UPS Express shipping from the UK to Australia...

He's also listed 100 for sale (97 left).

Smells a bit too fishy to me.

It does indeed. I just emailed him asking about the shipping. But as I said, I'm willing to take chances, just because it's covered by paypal.

Not even sure how efficient scammining on ebay is nowadays.

Shipping could just be him being new to ebay? Maybe he just happened to come across a free box of meters and wants to flog them off  :D

Paypal protection is a bit of a joke, but if its a pretty clear cut case you should get your money back eventually.

Let us know if it all goes well :)

Free shipping to Canada.

Oh heck, I may regret this -- it sounds too good to be true -- but I suppose I can afford a $17 lesson if it comes to that.


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