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UV Eraser for EPROM'S wanted Melbourne, AU

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Looking for a sturdy eraser with timer that can hold 10 or so eproms.
Also would be interested in a stand alone programmer suitable for
old school proms.

Buy a sterilization UV lamp(easy to find) and a regular wall outlet timer. It'll be cheaper.

Cheapo fleabay units erasers available  Those small units would hold close to qty10, 32 pin CDIP

As for programmer...depends upon what EPROM but the TL866 probably does it.

You could also just leave them outside in the sun.
Takes a bit longer, but there is no limit to how many you can erase at a time.

Sun takes ages, until fully deleted. I tried it once for fun and it didn't even flip a bit after 2 days or so during summer at like 500m elevation.

Silicon needs like 4.6eV or more to get it's electrons removed, which equates to 270nm or less.
Due to atmosphere, there is very little light below 350nm, so very little light capable of erasing EPROMs.

Maybe it works a little better if you live like on top of a mountain, but any cheap UV disinfection lamp with starter electronics from broken fluorescent lamp does it like a 1000 times faster.


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