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VFD Display for HP 6612B PSU



Soes anyone have a VFD display glass for a HP 6612B Power Supply.  I bought this on e-bay with a description that it powers up (hums) but there is no display, When I received it, I realised they meant literally "there is no display" its been removed!

Any suggestions gratefully received.


ouch... those are special. the original psu had a starburst LCD display with two glob-top display controllers made by HP themselves.
the later VFD uses a 87c5x cpu that translates the old 5 wire protocol to standard VFD driver chips from supertex .
you need the whole module assembly.... costs about 300$ at agilent ... hard to find.

@free_electron thanks for the response. I have since bought a second non-working PSU, this time a 6612C, they are similar, logic board looks identical. Both have exactly the same problem although at least the 6612C has the display glass :/  I have gotten as far as opening them both up checking supplied and swapping logic boards with no progress, now I need to find a schematic, I have the service manual for the 6612B which has block diagrams and schematics for the power board but nothing for the logic board - I don't suppose you would be able to suggest where I could obtain a complete scematic?

Agilent has most of the service manuals for HP equipment (including schematics) on their website.


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