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Voltcraft (Conrad) Power supply and others for 90€

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Hello again my fellow forum members.

Yet again i come up with a question and seek some buying advice. With your help i ordered Philips 3240 50MHz scope for 160€ total it will come hopefully in 1 week time (it is fully tested and calibrated).

I am buying also small lab power supply up to 90€

I found one from Voltcraft which is here shown in link
1. Is it any good or




Thank you for all information.

Get one with an adjustable current limit.

You will rarely need voltages above 15 V for most electronics.

Likewise you will rarely need currents above 2 A.

A separate output on/off switch is nice (in addition to the normal power switch).

A "current set" button is nice, so you can adjust the output current without having to short the terminals.

The first one from Voltcraft is adjustable voltage 0-30 and Current 0-2A, As far as my needs go i need only up to 13V and 1A max. For that money is it possible to get powersupply that is "reliable"?

Any of the above listed are good to pick up? (all have Adjustable Current and Voltage)



Not all of them have adjustable current, for example the second one has a single knob for adjusting voltage only.

All of those power supplies are likely to work fine as basic power supplies. There may be some differences in the details of their performance under close examination, but it is impossible to say unless someone already owns that exact model and has subjected it to detailed scrutiny.

One thing you could do is look at the user manual and specifications and see if it all seems suitable for your purposes. Reading the user manual is the next best thing to having the device in your hands.

It might sound dumb but is it normal that you must shorten positive and negative terminals on powersupply to set the current limit? That is kinda dumb isnt it? It means that you cannot easily set current during testing?

Atleast that what it says in Voltcraft manual:)

Thanks IanB for informations.


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