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Wanted: 0.1 ohm 0.1% 10 W Resistor

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The HP/Agilent e3610a DC Power Supply requires this resistor for calibration, however I've searched the top 5-6 websites (digikey, mouser, etc) and can't find even a whiff of the part even existing.  Any ideas?

You don't need it. Just use the 20A current range on your multimeter.

Get a 1% accurate unit and measure the exact resistance with an accurate meter or get several lower power parts and parallel/series connect them to reach the power rating.

Or, do what amspire says and just use a calibrated current meter rather than a precision load.

Note that the resistance will change as you increase the current due to heating of the resistor. This may be more than 0.1% depending on the temperature rise.

Why not 10 x 0.1% 1 ohm / 1W resistors in parallel?
Maybe they are easier to find (not sure, I've searched a little and found only expensive  one, limited to 0.33 W).


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