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Wanted, 14 digit bubble LED display

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Update on the displays, following the arrival of yet another calculator (SR4190R) I now require 2 of the 14 digit LED bubble display module please to fit into a Commodore SR4148R and a SR4190R which has a couple of segments missing. Unlike the 12 digit displays which are 8+1 & 2+1 digits, this one is a 12+1 & 2+1 digits.

Or of course, any suitable donor calculators, which might have a workable display module.

Did you thought about building replacement from scratch? 0201(0.6X0.3mm) LED's are available, and you can order ready built boards, so you don't have to deal with ┬Áscopic parts.
If you need help, I'm pretty sure you will find it here, myself included.

I thank that could be a possible solution but would also need a custom PCB and then there is the problem with getting the bubble lens mounted to it, which also forms part of the fixing method to the red plastic cover which forms on the back of it a tray which the bubble lens is a pretty snug fit in it?

I can't find any of these ready build boards you refer to either, can you give me a link to them please?


--- Quote from: Specmaster on September 25, 2022, 11:00:53 am ---I can't find any of these ready build boards you refer to either, can you give me a link to them please?

--- End quote ---

I think what Zoli means is that you can design a custom PCB and also have the PCB manufacturer buy the parts and assemble the boards for you. For instance, PCBWay offers such an assembly service:

As ledtester said, I've meant to design the PCB from scratch, and give the design to a board house to build. Details about the lens mounting etc. is to be worked out; I suggest, that if you're interested to rebuild the display, open a tread under the "Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff", so we can keep the present thread clean, and maybe attract some more interested eyes to the subject.


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