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Wanted: 20Mhz+ Oscilloscope


I'm a beginning electronics hobbyist in the Detroit area (48051) and I'm looking for an oscilloscope. I need dual channel, 20 mhz or greater (as suggested by Dave). I'd like to spend about $50, but I could probably manage up to $100 if I really have to. Thanks.

After doing even more searching about, I've come to the conclusion that it's probably best to do without a scope and just pinch pennies until I can get a Rigol. I don't think anything will happen here (doesn't seem to be much of anyone in my area), and I can't bear the thought of buying a $100 brick from e-bay. Anyways, thanks to anyone who looked over my post.

The Rigol is a good deal so long as you can test it and return it ~ without cost to you should you get a defective one; see a recent thread here by someone in the Caribbean.


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