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Wanted cheapo analogue oscilloscope Syd/Central Coast region



I'm a noob looking to broaden my knowledge with the acquisition of an oscilloscope.

My initial budget is around the $50 mark. Cheap I know but seen a few 20MHz DSE and Hitachi scopes go in this range on eBay. Feel free to sway me otherwise if these are worthless. :)

I can pick up more or less anywhere in the Sydney to Central Coast region.


For $50 they are not worthless at all, a 20MHz+ dual channel is still a very usable scope, and great to learn with.
Often don't come with probes though.
You can pick them up cheaper (less competition) if the seller offers pick-up only.


Thanks for the reassurance Dave!

Competition seems tough for the one's I've seen for local pick up in my area hence my asking here :)

I'll kick my excitement to the curb and be patient! I have my eye on a few on auction at the moment that might not be 100% functional so I may well be hassling you all for calibration/repair advice should I actually win but get stuck with a fix up job I can't handle :)

You can do good work with even the most basic Oscilloscope.

I had need of one,& bought a 10MHz single channel thing from Jaycar.
It worked for ages,apart from the knobs breaking,& having to replace the BNC connector,until the HT supply for the tube failed.Even that was easy to fix,so it's still useable.
It doesn't get used now as I have a Tektronix 7613.

The two channel 20MHz ones from both DSE & Jaycar are much more capable instruments,if you can pick one up cheap.

If you happen to see an early BWD,be very cautious.
They are quite good Oscilloscopes,& have the advantage of a large,bright display,but a lot of them have a triggering problem.It is fixable,but they are mongrels to work on.



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