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Wanted - Dick Smith Electronics Catalogue 96-97 or 97-98 Edition


G'day everyone,

Just wondering if anyone out there might have any of these old Dick smith catalogues stashed away somewhere and maybe would like to sell a copy?

I used to have one from back then but have searched and searched through old boxes and junk but have had no luck finding them again.

I am really after the 96-97 edition but would also settle for the 97-98 edition if anyone has a copy for sale.

If anyone out there has any of these issues and are willing to sell them I will pay $50 for each issue plus any additional shipping costs to get them here.


G'day there Wilfred  :)

Thanks for all the help mate, I have just emailed that seller and asked if they have the older DSE catalogue from back then. It's worth a try that's for sure.

Cheers mate and thanks again for all the help!  ;D

Did you want a particular section or page? I have a 96/97 but need to hang on to it for a while - however I could scan and email you some pages.


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