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Wanted: Electrolytic Caps - Sprague D49438 or Equiv.


I need six (6) of these to replace some clapped-out caps in a small Hughes resistance welder power supply:

Sprague D49438 aluminum electrolytic capacitor or equivalent
2250 μF
150 VDC
+5% tolerance
Screw terminals - ~0.819" spacing
2" dia x 4-3/16" Long


Chicago, IL USA

Measure the screw hole spacing again very carefully, center to center.  Hopefully it is 22mm or 7/8".  It's going to be tougher if it really needs to be 0.819 as you specify.  Do they go in a PCB or are they connected some other way.  Then go to Mouser or Digikey and start looking at capacitors by specs.  I would start with the termination type (screw) and the diameter or lead spacing.  You will be OK with more voltage and the tolerance (are they really +/-5%??) shouldn't matter that much.

Confirm the screw terminals are spaced at 0.819" between centers. Measured quite accurately, btw.

The closest I've found is Digi-Key 565-E36D151HPN232KCA5U-ND and Mouser 80-ALS30A222KF400

These both have 0.875" (22.2mm) lead spacing. Six are ganged up in a pcb which I'd rather not hack up, though I may have to. Weird, but the tolerance is imprinted with +5% only. I'm guessing it means +5/-0%? I've seen other cap tolerances rated similarly asymmetrically, dunno why. 


Chicago, IL USA

Hello Pete
Did you find capacitors for your Hughes Welder? Did they work for you. I have same welder Hughes  HRW250 using 15 Sprague capacitors. Did they work for you.


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