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Wanted: Manual/Schematics for Fluke 891A DC Differential Voltmeter

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Hi all,

Looking for a manual for Fluke 891A Differential Voltmeter..........willing to pay even if it's just a PDF scan.
Can't find anything on the web (except for a USA Ebay one but seller won't ship to the UK).

I believe the manual has schematics....would be needing them.

PM me.



Hi all,


I contacted Fluke in UK and USA and both say they don't have a manual.........somebody must have one!


Telford says they have it:

Not sure what may be shared with the 895A internally but I didn't have any issue getting a manual for mine online link here

I did a look when you first posed this and like you very little on it.

A little late but I just bought a Fluke 891A which also hs the 845 model number in the Fluke logo (bottom left corner) which shows a completely different unit in the 845 manual. However I did find a manual for the 871A which has the same front panel but a different rear panel. It's located at BAMA ( I will compare the schematic to the instument itself once it's delivered and post my findings with pics in this thread if any one is interested.


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