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WANTED: Multimeter from EU

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I'm looking for a good multimeter in the 50 Euros range.
I've seen the blog from Dave reviewing some units (EX330 and AM-220) and I think the EX330 might be my choice, but I'm open to other options.

Another issue is where to buy it cheaper.


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I'm from Portugal, but I was hoping to find an online store that ships goods to all EU.
I know some, like batronix, tekequip, conrad, but I was hoping to find cheaper ones.

I found one (via eBay Belgium) that is selling from Luxembourg en shipping to Europe: eBay auction: #350469044776

When i go go, I cannot find it:
Apparently thinks Luxembourg is not Europe?

Anyhow, you can log into instead of

Happy shopping!

I haven't seen the review, but I have AM220, and the continuity buzz is this really odd semi-strangled noise, although the meter itself is quite OK.

Here is one that would ship to Europe:

In terms of price, it's just about 50 euros (29.95GBP+7.95GBP)


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