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Wanted: Pace PRC or MBT 250


I am looking for a Pace PRC or a MBT 250 with the usual handpieces, preferably in good condition.  I have been watching eBay, are there any other good places to find such stuff that anyone knows about? 
Also, any sources of parts, either the power unit or just handpieces would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.
P.S. you all will be happy to know that 84/2 still equals 42!

ebay is the best place to score that kind of equipment in a reasonable price. i was lucky enough to scope the pace mbt250 in 50$ you just need patience. about the handpiece it will need even more
patience , some of the handpiece are harder to find then others . generally the tt-65 thermotweez and the tp-65 are easy to find at a good price but the SX-80/90 are even harder and soldering iron ps-80/90 is even harder so i would buy a soldering iron direct from pace it's about 90$.

good luck


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