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Wanted: Pace soldering and desoldering components


I picked up an older MBT350 recently as I slowly try to migrate to migrate to Intelli-Heat parts.  However, this means I need a lot.  To spur the conversation, I've added a list, but realistically, I am probably interested in whatever leftovers you may have laying around.

* any desoldering head (intelliheat or sensatemp)
* TD-100A iron and/or tips
* tweezers and/or tips
* SensaTemp to IntelliHeat conversion cable(s)
* any cubby units... My old ones are in bad shape
* desoldering waste tubes or glass tubes
* tip cleaning brush
* parts, parts, parts.... including tips

I have a bunch of stuff. I’ll try to inventory or get you pics of what I have via PM.



Here are my extra Pace parts.

I believe the labels are all correct with the possible exception of the brass fittings next to and for the solder paste dispenser on the left.

The SX100 is an IH model, and I have a ST base, so I sacrificed the Thermopik connector shown at the bottom of the pic, but despite careful wiring, my PPS85 said ERR. You can see an adapter next to the SX100, but alas it is the wrong one. It will convert ST to IH, not the other way around. If two gender changers exist to reverse that, I couldn’t find them.

The SX100 is usable once someone reconnects the IH connector. Please note, however, that the SX100 is missing one of the ears at the bottom for pulling the spring loaded trap lock out for replacing the solder trap.  It is still perfectly functional.

The Thermopik is nearly new, just needs the connector currently attached to the SX100 reconnected. There are no pins however in the IH connector, as I used them for the ST connector.

The SMD practice kit is unused and complete.

In fairness I must let Deckelhead have first dibs but all other inquiries welcomed.



--- Quote from: jeffjmr on December 23, 2021, 03:05:51 pm ---In fairness I must let Deckelhead have first dibs but all other inquiries welcomed.

--- End quote ---
I’d be interested in some of the air hose quick disconnects — the national Pace distributor couldn’t get me any. Maybe some cable ID rings and a spare desoldering tip cleaner (the -0200).


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