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Wanted: Power Supply (Australia)



I'm a final-year engineering student looking for a power supply for my thesis project.

Looking for a 2+ output linear power supply (or two single output supplies!)

Must have adjustable current limit. Must be 240V, 50Hz (or selectable).

Looking for a good quality, second-hand unit in preference to a lower quality new one.

Willing to pay somewhere in the region of $200 (negotiable) and I'm in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm looking on eBay etc as well, but wanted to check if anyone here has one available?



Not sure if you're prepared to pay the shipping, but these units are in excellent condition. I own two of them myself.

HP6632B: single output 20 V, 5 A,

They're super heavy though, 12.5kg each (15kg boxed) and shipping is around 68 AUD, packed properly of course.
Good value for the money in my humble opinion. You may be looking for something more portable though?

how much is shipping to canada postal code b4a1x6 ?


That looks interesting. Are the output terminals on the back?

$240 with shipping is a bit expensive for me though, considering its only a single output supply.


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