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Wanted precision resistors values 2M 1M 20k 200 20ohm

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Hello, I'm repairing a decade resistor box, I need some precision resistors,
the original are wirewound but any good quality low drift resistor is wellcome.
I think the drift (edit: and TCR) is preferred over the initial accuracy, I can trim the values.
The ideal ones would be values slightly less than specified (I'm thinking to
fluke 19.991K I've seen in some instruments), but I can also combine series
or parallels if needed.
I can buy some good 20k and lower values form some reseller at good price,
but precision 1 & 2Meg are difficult to find.
In order of priority:
- 4 units 2Meg
- 1 unit 1Meg
- 1 each 20k, 220 200, 20

if anybody has some resistors, or some old broken equipment containing them can
contact me here or in PM.

Thank you,

Edit: the patient is a DB877 in awful conditions, teardown will follow :)

Buy 10 1M resistors, they will be cheaper in multiples. That way you only have to source one value, just put 4 in series and 2 in series. As you are replacing a WW unit there will be enough space for sure. With the low value resistors get the highest wattage you can find, they often get overloaded. In this position a 0.5% or 1% resistor will be good enough, you can make them from 10R resistors.

Here's a maker of precision wire wounds, there are expensive but they may have some of your values in their overstock:

Here is the teardown:

For 20k and lower here there are some good precision resistors:
serie 8E16 and 8G16
The price seem good.

--- Quote from: SeanB on June 19, 2012, 04:01:20 pm ---In this position a 0.5% or 1% resistor will be good enough, you can make them from 10R resistors.

--- End quote ---

Are you sure? Seem that the original ones have high specs.


Compared to the originals they will be poor, but as part of the overall range they will do, unless you want to spend to get the original precision back, in which case you will have to replace all the resistors with 0.05% types ( at a price) and get low TC types as well for all of them.


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