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WANTED: Tektronix P6460 or P6462 Data Probes


This weekend I picked up a Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer for only $40.00 (US Dollars); cost $4500.00 brand new in the '80s.  Runs well and even had some of the old analyzed logic data still in memory.  Unfortunately, now I have to find the peripherals (ROM packs, probes and COMM pack).  The logic probes seem very specific for each machine around that era.  I have sent quote requests to online test equipment retailers that still have used ones in stock.  Ebay has a few sets, but many have just the plug-in part and not the probe leads.  

EDIT: In case you cannot infer my country, I am in the US.  Given the light weight of these probes, I will entertain buying them from someone overseas.

I've had a couple of 1240's for a few years now.  The probe leads are
*extremely* hard to find.  It looks like Tucker has a complete probe on on Ebay right
now 300560695569 for $100.  It's not unusual for a probe set to cost more than the

I haven't been able to find a connector that works with the probe -- if I could then I could
just make my own probe leads, as the pods are easy to find.

Also, be aware that the 1240 used a pacemaker battery as the backup power for
its non-volatile memory.  After about 15 - 20 years, it tends to spew acid all over
the board.  See:


Thanks Scott, I have another project involving retrofitting the batteries!

I saw the Tucker one on Ebay and put it on my Watch list.  Once I get one, it may be a neat project to try and reverse engineer it.


I also have the Tektronix 3001GPX 1Ghz logic analyzer.  It uses the
even harder to find P6490 probes.  Luckily I have a complete set of those :-)

Hey, if you find some neat way to reverse engineer the probe connector, I (and
a bunch of others) would sure like to hear about it!



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