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Wanted: Tripple Out Bench Power Supply, (2) 0-24VDC 0.5A & (1) 5VDC 4A


* Bench Triple Output Power Supply
* New or Nicely Used
* (2) Variable Output 0-24VDC Capable of at Least 500mA
* (1) Fixed Output 5VDC Capable of at Least 4A
* Variable Outputs Configurable for Series or Parallel Modes
* All Outputs Floating
* Variable Current Limiting on Each Variable Output
* Compatible As-Is to US Mains Power
* Shipping from US Only, Customs a Big Pain
* Price Willing to Pay Depending on Features and Condition
* Contact Me Via Private Message or Just Post Publicly.

- Eric

Hi Eric,
If you are still looking for a PS, I'd point you to this as a possibility.

I had been scouring EBay for old BK Precision PS to purchase for myself as I'm just starting to get back into electronics.
I had stumbled across this after the listing has expired after seeing tons of these, in crappy condition, with no manual being sold for too much money. I had emailed him asking him if he would be relisting and he said he would in a week or so. In the meantime, I found another PS that I decided to jump on and not 4 hours after I did that, he re-listed. :/
This guy has a brand new old BK precision 1650 (2 x 0-25v .5a + 1 x 5v 5a, series/parallel/tracking modes) *with* the manual & leads starting at $75 bid or BIN $110.

It's one of those PS's that BK sold the rights to the manual so everyone want's $25 or more just for the damned manual.
Not sure if you're looking for something fancier, but thought I'd post this in case you weren't. If you do end up with it, I did manage to locate the schematics and parts list for the unit elsewhere on the web and can point you to it or send you the files.

Disclaimer: This is not mine, that's not me and, although I have bought an item from him last week and it went fine, I can't vouch for him in any way other than what I describe here!

Take care,


Here is a good one and they ship worldwide!


--- Quote from: Smoking on March 31, 2011, 08:45:15 pm ---Here is a good one and they ship worldwide!

--- End quote ---

I think this is the same power supply that Circuit Specialists OEMs in the US:

Unfortunately, it's only 3 amp on it's fixed 5v output and I think the original poster
wanted 4amps.



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