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--- Quote from: caroper on June 21, 2012, 09:28:33 am ---Well if you wish to be pedantic about it then no they did not use the Logo but as the source is published on the Microchip web site and is open for any one to download, please forgive me for calling it open source. Here is the link:

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No license means all rights reserved by default. The Open Source Initiative and OSHW initiative state specific requirements for licenses to call it open source. One of them is permitting redistribution of derivative works. None of this is implied by default. If Microchip has released these rights, then they have hidden it fairly well.

--- Quote from: caroper on June 21, 2012, 09:28:33 am ---
--- Quote from: wikipedia ---PICKit 2 has been an interesting PIC programmer from Microchip. It can program all PICs and debug most of the PICs (as of May-2009, only the PIC32 family is not supported for MPLAB debugging). Ever since its first releases, all software source code (firmware, PC application) and hardware schematic are open to the public. This makes it relatively easy for an end user to modify the programmer for use with a non-Windows operating system such as Linux or Mac OS. In the mean time, it also creates lots of DIY interest and clones. This open source structure brings many features to the PICKit 2 community such as Programmer-to-Go, the UART Tool and the Logic Tool, which have been contributed by PICKit 2 users. Users have also added such features to the PICKit 2 as 4MB Programmer-to-go capability, USB buck/boost circuits, RJ12 type connectors and others.
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Yes, offering the source makes it technically possible to do these things. This does not mean it is allowed, especially commercial use.


--- Quote from: alm on June 21, 2012, 11:45:01 am ---Yes, offering the source makes it technically possible to do these things. This does not mean it is allowed, especially commercial use.
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But Microchip themselves have made available, on there own web page, derivative works in the form of the UART Tool and the Logic Tool. Surely that is sufficient to prove that Microchip not only do not object to derivative works but actually embrace them.

Add to that the fact that they have not prevented any one from selling derivative works would again imply that they have no objection.

But this is an electronics forum, lets leave the legal debates to the lawyers :)


Fair enough, but lets leave terms like open source for projects that explicitly use an open-source license, like CC-BY, GPL or BSD-style, and not dilute it by using it to refer to other projects that tolerate distribution for the time being.

I bought a Pickit3 from Sure and used it with MPLAB to program a few micro's.  It seemed to work fine.  I went the cheapskate route because I already have a couple of ICD2's and didn't really need another programmer.  I bought it because I was interested in trying the "programmer to-go" functionality.  When I tried it on the Sure device I couldn't get it to work.  Has anyone else used the "to-go" feature on a Sure Pickit3?  I was left wondering if I was just doing something dumb or if it doesn't work.



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