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Hi all I am new so please go easy on me :).

I have been watching the EEV videos on Youtube and love them Dave is one hell of a smart chap.
I am just starting out in electronics and need some help.
I have been saving up for ages and seem to be getting no where really but I think I have enough for some electronic equipment.

I am after

Bench power supply

and was hoping some one in these here forums could help.

Like I said I dont have much money so if you have the above items spare and dont need to much for any of it I would love to purchase them from you.

I live in UK in Oxford shire so please if there is any one out there could you get back to me.

Thanks in advance.


I forgot to mention that I have designed and built a CNC milling machine so if any one wants stuff machined I could do so maybe in return for any electronic equipment you no longer use maybe due to you upgrading?.

Thanks very much.


Dear stk:
--Please view all of Dave's videos on o'scopes and DMMs. You will have to figure out what you want more exactly to get any really helpful advice. I like the Heathkit power supplies because they are easy to fix, but there are lots of good used power supplies out there, keeping in mind your "little money" comment.

--The US military just unloaded a ton of Fluke 27/FM meters on the market. These meters are military tough, have good spec. and can be had with case and probes for $50 or less, plus shipping. Best of Luck
Clear Ether

Thanks for getting back to me.

I will go and look at a few more videos.

I am starting out so wont need any thing to fancy (though of course would love to start out with the latest and greatest).

But while I go and watch more videos if any one does have any gear they think would be good for a newbie please keep me in mind.



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