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Wanted/WTB: O-scope


Hey guys,

Just starting out and need the tools of the trade. Just shelled out for a high quality soldering station, reflow station, filtered DC power supply, fluke multimeter, component cabinets will a lot of components etc...

So as you can see I am kinda running low on funds to set my work area up. But would love to have a nice oscilloscope to finish it all off. Not too fussed on quality or specs, just need something to get me going.

If anyone lives in Sydney and is feeling extremely generous or needs to get some stuff out of their garage, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.


Hi Bobhaha,

I am not located in Sydney by any means but I do have an Agilent Oscilloscope that you may be interested in. It is an Agilent 54540A 4 Channel Oscilloscope asking $600 and it would receive a new NIST traceable calibration with data prior to shipping.  It is an older unit and has minor screen burn when powered off, but it is fully functional and easily readable when powered on. This unit would also come with a power cord, cd manual, and a 30 day warranty. Please let me know if you are interested and I will hold it for you!

That is a great offer and very decent scope, unfortunately it is out of my price range. Hopefully someone else can benefit from that offer, but again, unfortunately it is out of my price range.


What is your price range if you don't me asking, I can try to negotiate a better price with my manager if you would like.


price is 80€ exclusive schipment (105 us dollar for the scope)


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