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Joy at MCS:


What are the prices ?

and dont ask to "request for Quote"  :--


Agreed. Where are the prices. I've been on you website and there are not prices advertised there either.
You do have an interesting range of products which is good, but, if you went to Tesco and there were no prices, you'd go elsewhere.
I don't want to request a quote, I want to know how much you are selling your wares for.

Sorry, no prices, no sale.  :--


--- Quote from: Joy at MCS on January 11, 2013, 12:28:08 pm ---Hello  All

We are authorized UK distributors for Maynuo Electronics.  We currently have a Maynuo M9712B in stock. 

Have a good day !

Joy Torres
MCS Test Equipment
Direct Dial: (44)  1492 553 796

--- End quote ---

no prices = spam

Spam costs £1-00 for 200gm


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