Author Topic: What are these listings on ebay - AN8009 for US $5.99 and RM409B for US $7.99 ?  (Read 893 times)

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Its another chinese brand, who destroy the world slowly with its cheap good for nothing things... And most of the people buy it... Because you BELIEVE it will be good. But it never will be good, not just that but it will cause you a lots of trouble with measurement and when you realised its not worth it to keep anymore, nor sell it.... It will became a trash..

I cant believe this chinese brands still can live.... Just cant believe.

Check the homepage. All i found from the company in the info section is: "RICHMETERS is a widely know brand which sales instrument ,hand tools and power tools, hope we will bring you more and more cost-effective product." And thats ALL. Except the writer is "LICHENG YU " wich is a chinese name.


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Are these scam?
Yes, they are, but why Ebay does nothing?

If you believe they are a scam, login to ebay and use the "Report item" link at the top of the description tab. I've done that many times for HP3458As listed at <$10!

In reality there is no way fleabay can determine in advance whether a listing is genuine. Doubly so for whether the item being sold is "fit for purpose".
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In this case, the advertised prices are close enough to the real prices that it might not be a scam. It may just be a seller selling at his cost or even a small loss to get a good feedback rating. If that's the goal, it's working so far.

On the other hand, if it is a scam, we'll find out soon enough.
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Yes, they are, but why Ebay does nothing?
because there are millions of transaction everyday, put that position to yourself...
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Yes, they are, but why Ebay does nothing?
because there are millions of transaction everyday, put that position to yourself...
100% agree but, in the search for more and more sales, this even affects their e-mail marketing machine: I received an e-mail with the RM490B offer and the AN8009 on a link at the bottom - obviously triggered by my prior searches.

At any rate, the prices are somewhat closer to the regular retail, thus there is a change this is not a scam. Who can tell for sure with these super low cost products? Last year I got a new UT61E for about 60% the regular retail price... I am still looking for a similar sale for a UT210E  ;D
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I bought an 8009 under a different badge last year for $10.95 inc shipping. Said it was within the US. It showed up in a week and it is a neat little meter. For low voltages, I wouldn't stick in anything above 120v mains, but it is fine on the bench. Reasonably accurate, nice small size and I like the backlight. Don't know how they do it.

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