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What multimeter should i buy?

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Hello members
Recently, my nilsen56 digital multimeter has been dying over the past two weeks or so. As my dad is a electrician, over ten years ago, he bought a multimeter from our neighbour. Our neighbour sells test gear and multimeters. Eventually my dad bought a new multimeter so i ended up with it. Im having trouble with the volts and amps range, and the capacitance range is completely dead (diplay shows nothing at all, not even zeros). Earlier i was mesuring the voltage on some capacitors. The multi meter read '0.1v'. When it should have read 10vor 100v.

Its unlikely that i will get a new multimeter, and i will get some other second hand meter, but i would like your help on buying a decent multimeter. It must be rated for atleast 400v ac and dc. Also it requires a amp, mA , and uA ranges, diode/continuity, and ohms. Backlight would be nice too.

Tell me what you think i should get. Preferably under 300 dollars
Thanks for all replies



--- Quote from: blackjames on June 17, 2012, 03:31:05 am ---Tell me what you think i should get. Preferably under 300 dollars

--- End quote ---

If you are in the USA, for $300 you can get a new multimeter that easily meets all requirements.  Careful shopping might yield a Fluke 87V or Agilent U1272A for $300 or less. has the Fluke 87V for $314.75.

A couple of months ago, a member on got a new Fluke 87V from Amazon for $250 + free shipping + free case.

Agilent had a $100 rebate for the U1272A that ended in April 30, 2012.

The BK Precision 2709B is a great meter at a very reasonable price. I purchased this model a few months ago through Digikey after looking through Dave’s multimeter reviews. I haven’t had any problems with it to date.

You just need to define your requirements. What features must you have, what features would be nice to have, measurement ranges and accuracy. The BK 2709B had all the functions I required, with good enough resolution (particularly for the capacitance range).


Highly recommend the Extech EX330. Came to about £40 from Conrad Electronics, its great.


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