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Where can I find anonymous bitcoin exchanges?

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--- Quote from: Ben321 on June 17, 2022, 08:43:13 pm ---I need to know, as of today, June 17 of 2022, what bitcoin exchanges actually exist (if any) that do not require any ID verification. Outdated info is useless.

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I don't recall having to verify identity with CoinEx, just email verifiation IIRC.
But any exchange operating in any country with ID laws will not last long before being shut down.

You can exchange crypto on decentralized exchanges that run on the blockchain itself using DAPs. No need for even a nickname or email address, just needs a compatible crypto wallet.

The complications are about trading fiat currency (USD, EUR..etc) to crypto and back. This means that the exchange has to handle real government backed currency. As a result the exchange has to suddenly abide by all sorts of rules and laws. In the big nations like US and Europe these laws are mostly about being secure and keeping information on who they are doing business with so that the funds can be traced back to you in he event of illegal activity.

Some exchanges will only actually require you to do identity verification if you want to trade into fiat, but do allow you to trade between various crypto currencies. This is great if you already have crypto or if you are getting your crypto trough running your own crypto mining operation. But might not be useful for a lot of people since a lot just want to use crypto trading as an investment opportunity, especially now that inflation rates are trough the roof and crypto promises to grow. For that the easiest way to get in on it is indeed to buy crypto using your fiat currency laying in your bank account (hence ID requirement).

EDIT: Tho i suppose since we are in the buy/sell/wanted forum section i suppose you could post that you are buying 0.1 BTC at current market price (plus a bit extra for the trouble). Paypal them the money, they send it to your wallet. This is no different than buying test gear on here.


--- Quote from: Ben321 on June 17, 2022, 09:10:53 pm ---Aren't there any countries that DON'T abide by this standard? If there are, are there any bitcoin exchanges operating in those countries? I don't want to money launder, but I DO want my crypto activity to remain anonymous. That's the whole purpose of CRYPTO currency (which literally means secret money). It's not very crypto/secret if the crypto exchange knows ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFO. They might as well drop the word "crypto" from the phrase "crypto currency" at this point, and just call it "currency" if this is how it's going to operate from now on.

So I HOPE that there's SOME crypto exchange out there, operating in a truly anonymous manner, even if it's in some small country most people haven't even heard of. Fortunately I'm posting this request on a forum on the internet, where people from all over the world contribute to the forum. I just hope that somebody from some country that truly allows anonymous crypto exchanges in their laws, comes to this forum and is able to answer my question.

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If you want to be able to put money in or take money out with a US bank or credit card then the exchange needs to abide by those laws. Same for EU which just passed similar laws.

Also if you do find an exchange that's flaunting those laws then there's a high risk that they're going to sell your bank details, stuff a virus onto your computer, or are just outright a scam and you'll never actually get your money out of them.

I'm not sure what your use-case is here, but you could try direct trading where you send crypto by wallet address and if there's real money involved it's sent to or from you on some other system. That has its own risks though, obviously.


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