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Where to buy a U1232A

Hey guys,

Adding another piece of kit to my growing kit, latest purchase of my DS1052E was/is awesome, thank you to all in the input from everyone.

But I am now a looking to replace my old Q1471 DSE multimeter, with a Agilent U1232A.

Just wondering if any one knows where to get it for a good deal. RRP is $155 AUD on there website, but if I could get it for cheaper I might even go for the U1233A as the temperature would be nice. The U1232A has the basic features I need though, mainly current/voltage/resistance/continuity.

Now here comes the killer question can anyone recommend anything better than this around the same price and quality?

Personal I would love to have the U1233, mostly because its compact as possible and loaded.

I have many full size good multimeters, but I would not use any of those in my smallest  toolbox.

Trio Smartcal are the local Aglient Distributor - their price is $145 + GST.

It might be worthwhile ringing various test equipment sellers (Trio, Emona, etc) and seeing if they have any ex-demo units to sell - sometimes they have old/used stock that they want get rid of. You might end up with a better multimeter at the same price. Or you might end up with nothing  :)
Thanks for the link to Trio Smartcal, I just bought a U1241A ex demo for $169 with a cal cert, can not complain with that :P


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