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Which oscilloscope is better?

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I´m a studient from Spain and I want to buy an oscilloscope. I look these three models but I don´t know which is better:

1º - RIGOL DS1052E. This can be hacked as you know to get 100 MHz bandwith.

2º - SIGLENT SDS1102CM. This model has been recommended to me from a HAMEG´s worker. (It seems to the Atten model).

3º - ATTEN ADS1102CAL. I like this one only for the screen. It seems so big.

I just want to have another opinion of wich one has better quality and wich has better technicals specifications. I prefer both first...what do you think about??

Thanks, all your opinion will be very important for choose one!!!  :D

Looks to me like the Siglent SDS1102CM is the best one: 100MHz, 2M memory depth. Try it out before you buy, though, to test the interface.

That´s what I thought, but the memory depth is the last diference,isn´t? because when you hack the Rigol the other parameters like rise time or sample rate, will be the same than SIGLENT?.


That's right. Plus, you have to actually hack the Rigol. Memory depth is more important to me than bandwidth, to a point.

I rarely find any reviews for Atten, and almost nothing for Siglent.  If these scopes live up to their specs, they would be good machines, but until they do, many Chinese test gear tend to overstate their spec sheets.

Rigol has come to the forefront because it has lived up to its spec sheet and reported good build quality, because many folks have reviewed it, here and elsewhere.

Rigol too isn't immune from overstating or making errors in its specs.  Rigol revise its users manual quietly adding an important omitted item: using the maximum record length will halve the sampling rate and more if 2 channels are used, will halve it again! this was a heavy critique made by user rf-loop on eevblog and his other name, InstrumentVu on  Also, there is some controversy on how accurate the sinx/x function was implement by Rigol.  I also find the 1052E automated measurements are off, compared to manually measuring values, I find it disagrees with my measurement by 5-10%.

Recently, a user called Tinhead has been giving good marks to Tekway/Hantek, and also we've heard good reports from Instek, but so far nothing Atten and Siglent.

Some Atten reviews, very cursory, like 'it works ok', 'fine for me', nothing remotely what Dave or others here have done detailing its electrical capacities.

Alas, what little of Atten reviews are on are also very poorly done.  All those on Rigol are more revealing.

So, in the end Rigol has had a lot of exposure, that makes me give them higher marks than other brands in this speed and price range.


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