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WTB (CH/EU/WORLD): Cameralink frame grabber and cables


Looking for sensible offers of cameralink frame grabbers and MDR to MDR cabling. The card would ideally from EPIX to avoid trouble with drivers, and ideally with PCIe rather than PCI, but also interested in others. The base configuration is enough.

Bump once, PCI shall also be good, it seems today there are many solutions for PCI - PCIe bridge.
I just missed a few sold on ebay  :palm:

I don't have one to sell, but Bitflow's software is pretty open, and Euresys seems to be a bit less expensive on the used market (presumably name recognition).  I ended up getting a Bitflow Karbon CL4 and the software comes with a good number of built in camera profiles, plus to tools to make your own configurations.

Fuck, the EPIX PIXCI CL1 cards only supports a narrow range of predefined obsolete cameras and are NOT reconfigurable by design.
They are floating around on ebay but they are completely useless crap unless you have the camera that is in the list.
This is not clearly advertised and I only found that out after buying a few.  |O (if it do somehow fits your need and you still want one, let me know)

Still seeking for reasonable offers for frame grabbers.

CameraLink was voted the most hated video interface of 2011. Good luck finding anything that works; I always gave up and went back to parallel video.


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