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WTB (EU): HP 1858-0015 High Frequency NPN Transistor Array

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I'm looking to buy a HP 1858-0015 either new or used.

It consists of differentially connected NPN transistor pairs in DIP-16. It is used in limiter circuit between a local oscillator and a double balanced mixer in HP 3586 Selective Level Meter.


Wallace Gasiewicz:
I looked in my cross reference and did not find the number.
Perhaps this group could help:

Maybe this guy:

cycle_collector checked his stock and doesn't have this part. I will try the group.

Mislabelled by clueless seller as Agilent, bet it's a pull too. Looks like a custom part.


there is a common npn and pnp transistor array.  It is called a CA3086 as an NPN, good to 120Mhz.  Considering the SLM doesnt go that high at all, I would check that part or there is a PNP equivalent.  HP used them a lot, the last I replaced was in a 3457a volt meter.  I had 0one blow out once and I just wired up some matched NPN transistors.  there isn't any real magic in that part other than the transistors are all temperature compensated considering they are on the same chip.  The audio guys that built oscillators for synthesizers used to epoxy transistors together to accomplish the same thing.  If you are sure one of the transistors is blow out, then you can clip the leads to that one transistor and solder the appropriate one in its place.

The SLM is a great box, I have 3 or 4 of them, one of each model a,b,c and two c's I think.  You can use them for all kinds of things, automate them with gpib and a frequency generator to do selective plots, etc.  I think one model could act like a source and control a generator of the same class and do bode plots.



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